Drab to debonair


If you’ve taken interest in the coming and going of menswear trends, it isn’t hard to notice the surge of interest in the 80s redux. It’s worth noting that we saw the repeated occurance of flamboyant styles on the runway. What with monogrammed ultra-luxe raincoats for the monsoons, we can only expect Fall-Winter to be a lot more dapper by miles.

Dapper, in today’s sense, doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to your old pinstriped suit with a predictable white shirt. It’s about experimenting while capturing the zeitgeist. What is the zeitgeist of today you ask? Our sartorial choices are growing more and more individualistic by the day. Hence the growth of customized anything, monogrammed initials on Italian leather bags, t-shirts with strong social slogans and tech-inspired accessories come as no surprise. Indigenous menswear designers have re-thought their approach and have dived into creating contemporary pieces with a modern flair.

Bowties have always had their moment in men’s wardrobe, receiving acceptance right from the office to the wedding party. A versatile neckwear such as this has undergone a fair set of tweaks to remain more and more relevant to the milennials. While a simple shirt-and-trousers combo can be a bit drab, the addition of a bowtie can escalate the look into debonair with just a quick knot. Bowties have thus evolved to suit our functional and aesthetic needs.

Let’s now zoom into the dynamics of a new trend in accessories- the usage of wood. Wood rings a strong bell with men’s accessories for its rustic and rugged appeal. It screams luxury in a subtle and nonchalant way. The color of wood in itself lends itself great against fabric colors and patterns. Besides that, it is also socially conscious and all-natural by highlighting the natural movement, grain and texture of the wood. Brownie points- it’s durability!

There are one too many ways to incorporate this trend. Through watches, shoes, fedoras or bowties- the key is to mix up the highs and lows by playing along with the concept of both work and play. For a relaxed Sunday brunch, find comfort in your light linen shirts and a wooden watch-and-bracelet combination. For Friday night drinks, a carved bowtie over a printed shirt ( polka dots, anyone?) speaks your mind- that you’re about to have some fun and you’re not afraid of it. Don’t just restrict your accessories there. Take it to the boardroom with your suit and leather satchel. A classic clean-cut bowtie with a dark suit shows that you are a fashion front-runner. And how about customized carved bowties for your wedding day? The possibilities with wood are endless.

The key is to strike the right balance and compliment between colors and textures. Solid colors are great but prints are even better. Compliment your shoes to your bowties for a more streamlined look. Plaid, polka or stripes- wood can be everyone’s best friend. It also goes exceptionally well with a velvet suit-set exuding a rich and suave look. Since it’s almost fall winter, let’s play around with layers. A navy casual blazer over a knit school-boy sweater over a plaid shirt fastened at the collar with a wooden bowtie? We say YES!